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MDF products are made by breaking the hard and softwood in fibers of the wood. It’s an engineered wood product. It is combined with wax and then formed into panels with high temperature and pressure. It’s denser than plywood. Afterward, we wait for the final product.
MDF has a consistent and uniformity throughout, so the edges are smooth and don’t have voids or splinters. Because of the fine edges, it can be used as a router to create decorative edges. The smoothness of MDF allows easy cutting of detailed designs.

What are the advantages of MDF?

1. MDF is hard to both flex or crack.

Although MDF is technically made out of wood, its structure is absolutely different. If you try to bend a MDF board it would rather snatch then warp. This is why engineered wood has the advantage of being resilient to moisture unlike its opponent. Of course, if you sink it in water, sooner or later the board will succumb to damage. But if you expose it to airborne moisture, the piece will expand and shrink as a whole while keeping the overall integrity and shape intact.

2. MDF is more affordable and easier to supply.

 Generally, MDF boards come at a lower price than natural wood. Of course, there are a few exceptions if you compared high-end MDF with some of the less pricey types of timber. Another great benefit of engineered wood is the fact that you can find it easier than i.e. maple or white oak, especially if you’re in need of a particular size.

3. MDF is easier to paint and seal.

 Contrary to solid timber, engineered wood lacks any specific grain or texture. This means that it’s easier to sand and prime without having to worry about looks or at worst – knots.

4. MDF is BEST for cabinetry.

 The advantages of engineered wood for cabinet doors are undisputable. The flexibility of manufacturing has offered interior designers to choose between flat-paneled, partially, fully overlay, inset, euro-styled and raised designs. Many types of MDF offer extra resistance to moisture, which is crucial for kitchen and bathroom furnishing.



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