Rakhi Manufacturer in India

Nanhimart  brings you an exclusive collection of rakhi online to make your festival enjoyable. We are the leading rakhi manufacturer in India that creates exquisite designs and make your rakhi celebration blissful. To strengthen the bond between the siblings, we believe beautifully-designed rakhis are the best choice. We are proactively working with a team comprises of passionate and skilled people that specialize in manufacturing the rakhi.
 We are the famous rakhi wholesaler that focuses on delivering a wide range of high-quality rakhi that enhances the feel of the festival. Our collection is inspired to cherish the pure relationship between brother and sister. With the increasing demand for wholesale rakhi online, we bring you an exclusive collection of designer rakhi to choose from. We stock beautiful rakhi available in different price ranges and you will find exquisite products under one roof. We have been serving as a well-renowned all over india that believes in providing an impeccable range of Rakhi.
When it comes to celebrating your Raksha Bandhan in style, you must shop for the best collection of kids rakhi & designer rakhi from our website. We are providing Rakhi at wholesale prices. In fact, you can seize the best deals when you place an order for Rakhi in bulk. The rakhis are available in a wide range and different categories. Whether it is about the pious relationship of siblings or the fashion trend you actually want to follow, we have rakhi for all purposes.
We supply rakhi all across the major cities. We also encourage our customers to appreciate our efforts in accomplishing their demands of designer rakhis. Our website is flooded with amazing offers on rakhi and the collection is curated which is rare and you will not find elsewhere. We always keep our focus on exceptional designs whenever it comes to providing you with a huge variety in style, color, and designs. Feel free to count on us even if you are looking for Rakhi that you can wear as a fashionable band. We promise to serve exactly what you are looking for.

Types of Rakhis

Rakhi are the most indispensable part of Raksha Bandhan without which this zestful festival is incomplete. With changing time and changing taste of the people, the Rakhi designs have also evolved much. Nowadays, you will find markets as well as offline stores loaded with a vast variety of Rakhis. But, choosing a perfect Rakhi for your brother is one of the toughest tasks. Making this tiring task symbol, here are some Rakhis with their significance listed below from which you can choose a perfect online rakhis for your brother.

Evil Eye Rakhi

The blue colored evil eye is considered as a curse which can cause misfortune and injury, and the protection that is created against evil eye is also named as the evil eye. So, basically, an evil eye Rakhi is given to protect brother from all the evil powers and bad omens.

Silver Rakhi

Silver is the precious metal that symbolizes wealth and riches. With this, the silver metal is also associated with modernity, graceful, decency and elegance. When this metal is given the shape of a Rakhi, it adds some auspicious values to it like good luck and emotions. Silver is a widely known auspicious metal always used in religious ceremonies of the Hindus. A silver rakhi carries the same significance for brothers and sisters as it is believed to bless brothers with divine grace, happiness, and peace of mind. It also protects your brother from evil eyes and bad energies.

Quirky Fun Rakhi 

All the brothers are naughty and they are known for their mischievous behavior. So, why not buy a quirky and fun rakhi for them and add a little quirk to the celebration.

Kids Rakhi 

Kids usually don’t like Swarovskis studded rakhis, they like fun and quirky stuff. So, if your brother is below thirteen. Come to us, without even a single thought, and get a stupendous rakhi for your brother this year.

MDF Rakhis 

MDF Rakhis are sturdy and practical, guaranteeing that your loved one will always be remembered. It’s high-quality, has an unpolished surface, and is sturdy enough to protect your investment in acrylic paints and originality.

Pair rakhi of bhaiya / bhabhi

Pair Rakhis have beautiful meaning and valuable emotion itself because pair Rakhi is for bhaiya and bhabhi. We know that Rakhi festival is for brother and sister but when bhabhi comes in the festival then they increase more value and importance of Rakhi festival. Sisters are so excited on Raksha bandhan for tie Rakhi to bhaiya and bhabhi. We keep this bond and love into our mind then we are announcing amazing pair Rakhi for bhaiya-bhabhi on this year Raksha bandhan by our online Rakhi shop portal. We have various varieties of pair Rakhi as Zardosi/Zardozi Pair Rakhi, Designer Pair Rakhi, pair Rakhi in contrast colors, pair Rakhi in color combination, Stylish Pair Rakhi, Fashionable Pair Rakhi, Heavy Work Pair Rakhi and many more designs in pair Rakhi. Enjoy this year to do shopping of Pair Rakhis for Bhaiya and Bhabhi and give adorable surprises to Bhaiya-Bhabhi.
You can customize your rakhi with any spiritual sign, symbol, emblem or a depiction of any God or Goddess according to your choice and gift it to your brother, say a Buddha face Rakhi, Swastika Rakhi, mauli rakhi , blue evil eye Rakhi all fall under the same category
Well, there are various types of Rakhi that you can gift your brother. However, all convey the same emotion of love, care and support. So, gift a stellar Rakhi to your brother and celebrate the eternal bond of siblinghood.

How to Choose the Best Rakhi Manufacturer in India?

Rakhi is one of the popular festivals that celebrate the beautiful bond of love between a brother and a sister. Many people start their seasonal business during this time. So, choose a reputed rakhi manufacturing company in India wisely and see how your business grows in this festive season.
As the demand for extraordinary and choice Rakhis develops, finding the proper Rakhi manufacturer is essential for wholesalers, retailers, and individual buyers. This guide will assist you in researching the most prevalent method of choosing the best Rakhi manufacturer in India, with a unique spotlight on Delhi, the core of Rakhi manufacturing in the country.

Tips to Choose the Best Rakhi Manufacturer

1. Quality has always been our priority

It is a misconception that Rakhi manufacturers that cater to other businesses and their wholesale needs put quantity over quality. The right Rakhi supplier would put quality over quantity any day! In spite of the fact that the main duty of rakhi manufacturers is to provide bulk purchase options to other sellers, the right manufacturer would emphasize on the quality of the product
As an ideal rakhi manufacturer, Nanhimart operates with the intention of serving other businesses, products of optimum quality. For us, quality remains to be the main attraction for our buyers. From using high quality raw materials to proper packaging, the overall quality and presentation offered by makes it a leading contender in the rakhi wholesale market.

2. Serving the Right Quantity at the Right Time

Rakhi manufacturers that provide other businesses with bulk orders must deliver the required quantity within the right time. The credibility of a manufacturer depends on their ability to meet the business needs of those ordering in bulk from them.
Getting the order correct along with maintaining timeliness is where Nanhimart  Rakhi places the maximum importance. It is considered a duty, here at NANHIMART Rakhi to provide other businesses with their purchases within the right time.
 NAHIMART always keep a strict vigilance on their overall production. From quality to quantity, it is essential that other businesses entering into deals with rakhi manufacturers like us, are offered a remarkable experience.

3. Pricing and Cost Efficiency 

Cost is essential when choosing a Rakhi manufacturer. Contrast pricing structures among various manufacturers and track down the one that offers cutthroat rates without settling for less on quality. Remember that the cheapest option may only sometimes be the best regarding reliability and quality. Search for manufacturers who offer a harmony between cost and quality. 
It is our commitment to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Instead of engaging in price wars with competitors, we adopted a strategic pricing strategy. This approach has helped us attract more rakhi wholesalers and become the top rakhi supplier in India. With our gem-like rakhi designs, high-quality yarn and affordable prices, we are India’s top choice.

4. Customization Options 

If you have explicit design necessities or need to offer redid Rakhis, choose a manufacturer that offers customization services. Discuss your thoughts and necessities with the manufacturer to guarantee they can rejuvenate your vision. Redone Rakhis can separate your business and take special care of specialty markets.


     In today’s time, running a retail business is not at all tough. Fortunately, many options are out there choose from. You can look around for a trusted Rakhi manufacturer and effortlessly start your business. Now, browse through different options and look for the best Rakhi manufacturer to give your business a quick start. Choosing the best rakhi manufacture in Delhi, especially in Delhi, is significant for businesses and individuals. You can settle on an educated decision by leading careful research, focusing on quality, considering manufacturing expertise, assessing production capacity, evaluating pricing, investigating customization options, and inspecting client references. The proper Rakhi manufacturer won’t just give you stunning Rakhi but also add to the outcome of your Raksha Bandhan celebrations or business trips.